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Wageningen University and Research (WUR)

WUR implemented USoft Solvinx, a privacy and security management solution for GDPR and industry-specific regulatory compliance management.

Success story WUR

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) partnered with USoft to achieve robust GDPR implementation. Workflow-driven software Solvinx simplified privacy impact analyses for processing personal data, resulting in uniform practices throughout the organization, real-time insight into privacy risks and demonstrable control.

The challenge

The mission of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’ through education and research on healthy food and the living environment. Large volumes of potentially privacy-sensitive data are processed, relating to staff and students as well as research participants. With this in mind, WUR started looking for a solution that provided insight into privacy risks and helped employees remain GDPR-compliant.

GDPR securrity

Evaluating privacy impact

Impact analysis required for GDPR compliance

  • Compliance with the European privacy directive (GDPR) required organizations in the public and private sectors to implement major changes in data processing and risk assessment systems.
  • As an academic institution, WUR had to evaluate the potential privacy impact of its HR systems, student administration and research projects that involve processing personal data.

Increased awareness

Boosting privacy awareness towards GDPR implementation

  • Academic research at the university level involves processing high volumes of potentially privacy-sensitive data.
  • WUR needed an organization-wide structure that would help employees and students be aware of privacy considerations.
Students awareness GDPR privacy
Legal requirments Stepfourth

International funding

Grant providers demand GDPR compliance

  • With the introduction of the GDPR, international data exchange between research partners was subject to new European standards.
  • The European Commission and other public funding providers require applicant institutions to guarantee privacy before approving research grants.

Why Wageningen University and Research chose USoft

“Through the workflows, employees are given active support on the tasks they need to perform to be GDPR-compliant.”

Peter Ras

Corporate Privacy Officer at WUR

The solution

Wageningen University and Research (WUR) implemented USoft Solvinx, a privacy and security management solution for GDPR and industry-specific regulatory compliance management. The workflow-driven software made it possible for WUR to simplify its data privacy impact analysis, achieve uniformity in practices, and gain organization-wide real-time insight into privacy risks and mitigating measures.

Make a privacy impact analysis

Automated privacy impact analysis

SMART PIA, one of the modules of USoft Solvinx, enables automated privacy impact analysis. The system has since been used at WUR to evaluate over 9,000 projects and applications in terms of privacy impact.

Workflow-driven software linked to project management

Starting with a standardized DPIA questionnaire at WUR, USoft Solvinx provides alerts for key updates or upgrades that affect data processing so impact can be reassessed. Solvinx is also linked to the WUR project management system, providing built-in privacy and security checks.

security workflow
dashboard for security


Thanks to Solvinx, WUR can now evaluate personal data processing at the central level, displayed in clear graphic dashboards so Data Privacy Officers can monitor data access and risks.

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The results

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Whitepaper about WUR

More details about the solution and an in-depth analysis of why this satisfied customer chose USoft.

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