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Act now on key trends in financial services simultaneously: hyper-automation, risk & compliance, and privacy & security

Our view on the Financial Services sector

Few sectors are transformed more by digital transformation and legislation than financial services. And the need to push onwards is growing by the day. Add to this the many legacy systems still in use, and the case for USoft is obvious.

Related client cases

  • Menzis health insurance

    Integral solution for distributed health care offices for a leading Dutch-based health insurance company.


    Fully fledged subsidy administration platform for Dutch entrepreneurs and citizens, for +600 regulations and +20 years operations.

  • Step Fourth

    A USoft-based ISV for wealth management solutions to streamline portfolio control for e.g. investment and asset managers.

    IMVS assetmanagementsoftware low code
  • What clients tell us

    ‘The value of our intellectual property is actually disproportionate to the number of developers we employ’

    John Motley
    Director – Step Fourth

    ‘The challenge is to make high-tech equipment easy to use, we did that with USoft! The one-key, modular, industrial software solution met a great need.’

    Vincent Jalink
    Sales manager – Phenovation

    ‘Software projects are often difficult to estimate, but with USoft this has never been an issue.’

    Martijn van Bloois
    Data analyst – Farminform

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    Why USoft

    Top-3 USoft solutions for Financial Services organizations

    Privacy and security management

    • Technical capabilities

      Assure integral control for privacy, security and industry-specfic regulatory compliance management.

    • Slice60

      Privacy by design & Privacy by default. Safeguard a structured and transparent privacy management process, througout your organization and with full business stakeholder engagement.

    • Do you want to move fast? No problem. We help you to get up and running in 10 days. And our training and support services help you to keep moving fast.

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    Low-code development

    • Orchestration

      Get the software application that exactly match what you need. Build them faster, maintain them with ease, and get audit-readiness and master data working out-of-the-box.

    • Technical capabilities

      Boost productivity of your IT workforce and provide the platform for strong business and IT collaboration to jointly accelerate your digital transformation.

    • Cost control

      Free-up valuable time and assets for innovation and secure a strong TCO for your software applications.

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    Case management

    • Handle your ‘cases’ (unexpected events, disruptions, and opportunities) professionally and efficiently to stand out from your competitors

    • smooth performance

      Have all information and actions in one place to manage cases from start to finish, seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape.

    • Orchestration

      Take the pressure off your operations and organization, so that you can continue to build your business rather than solve ad-hoc issues.

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    Take the advantages of low-code application development to the next level: develop your core system using the USoft low-code platform.

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    USoft believes software should accelerate your business, not slow it down. This is why USoft is specialized in digitizing the most challenging and unique processes. We deliver adaptable software solutions, built on a rock solid and easy-to-use platform. With 30+ years experience in digital transformation we know what it takes. Can't wait to realize your business dreams? Let's get in touch!
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    USoft is the #1 low-code platform for core business software. It is uniquely designed for data intensive, complex, mission critical systems. Delivering solutions that are extremely stable and highly adaptable.

    Make the benefits of low-code available all the way to the core of your organization.

    Platform benefits


    As part of our engagement with clients, we invest in deeply understanding your business as well as building excellent working relationships. We blend in, and deliver what is truly valuable.

    Work with USoft for a partnership that feels like a natural and strong extension of your team.

    Why USoft
    Adaptability and transformation

    Selected by the big & valued by the small

    USoft is a trusted partner for large corporations and SMEs alike. These organizations have one thing in common: they are nimble and can adapt operations thanks to USoft’s versatile platform. We pride ourselves in the long-term relations we have with our clients and partners.

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