Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Focus your time and effort on selling, not administration.

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Are you selling complex, configurable products? Or do you have an advanced pricing strategy with smart discount rules? Effective CPQ solutions with USoft will help you boost your sales performance and reliability for complex product configurations and quotations.

Effective CPQ: boost customer confidence & increase margins

A “Configure, Price, Quote” or advanced pricing system automates otherwise labor-intensive, slow, error-prone commercial and pre-production work. And free up 30-70% of your commercial capacity, depending on your situation.
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Creating a correct quotation for complex, configurable products is notoriously hard.

Some configuration choices overlap with, require, or rule out others. This often requires detailed product knowledge.

Prices of certain configurations may have changed and requires real-time procurement and operations input.

Add-on delivery and installation services, or consultancy, can sometimes be forgotten.

The 'hidden' potential of effective CPQ solutions

Applying smart pricing and discounts for your configurable products can increase margins considerably. But the related complexity is not suited for manual calculations. As smart discounts are based on many factors – e.g. volume brackets, “gold” customer status, bundling with specific SKUs, desired lead time, overstock status, additional services, and many more.

Automating this process will boost your customers’ confidence, reduce errors and increase margins.

USoft - Puzzle
USoft - Yusef

The USoft platform is the perfect engine for real-time and error-free product configuration, pricing rules, and smart quotes.

You can change rules or create new schemes with minimal effort. And incorporate real-time master data from your ERP, CRM, or any other system.

Focus time and effort of your commercial organization on selling, not administration. Use USoft for CPQ and advanced pricing.

Software applications - Use cases

CPQ is a relatively new trend. USoft is open to exploring your CPQ needs and jointly developing your ideal solution. This can be done together with specialized pricing consultants if necessary.

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  • What clients tell us

    ‘It is nice to have a partner like USoft. They develop complex software quickly, that improves our service to customers.’

    Hans Stokman
    ICT Manager, Pluripharm

    ‘With USoft we make an important move towards a flexible and manageable solution for custom backend systems.’

    Jurre Mulder
    CDO, Intergamma

    ‘This low-code project is groundbreaking for the industry. USoft’s experience in the modular software was crucial.’

    Vincent Jalink
    Technical sales manager, Phenovation

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