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We are working or have worked for a large number of clients. You can select the clients on sector and solutions.
For several clients you can find client cases where we have discribed the challenges, the solutions and the results. Just click on "Read case" and learn about what can be achieved with low-code development!
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Ensuring demonstrable control for privacy and industry-specific regulations, with USoft Solvinx compliance management SaaS.


Custodial Institutions Agency of The Netherlands

USoft Solvinx, privacy and security management SaaS for GDPR and industry-specific regulatory compliance management.

Solvinx - Data privacy
Adaptability and transformation


Integrated near real-time asset and contract management portal for customers and Bredenoord operations management.



MS Dynamics based orderbook solution for real-time insight in certainty of delivery, with lead-times and stock inventory.



Operations support through real-time KPI and process monitoring, and stock management with Navision integration.

Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

NCMI – Den Norske Israelsmisjon

Custom ERP solution, including customer portal, CRM, payment and financial reporting.

Marti Orbak Software
Municipality of Utrecht
Adaptability and transformation

Addit vest AS

A USoft based Norwegian ISV specialized in custom software development.

Adaptability and transformation

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