Solvinx is the future-proof solution that takes care of your privacy administration. It includes four integrated SMART modules that make you compliant with the requirements of the GDPR Privacy Act and other regulations. Solvinx was developed with USoft’s low-code development platform.

Full control over GDPR components

Within five days, your organization is ready to deploy Solvinx. Using questionnaires and workflows in the SMART PIA module, you can easily carry out privacy impact assessments (DPIA) with full control over the six most important GDPR components.

The SMART Studio module sets the standards and legislation.

The SMART Connector module sets the linking of external software, while the SMART Dashboard provides insights into the current privacy status.

Solvinx helps with privacy management

SMART PIA – accurate recording of personal data

This module provides an accurate process to complete the recording of your privacy management. The software uses smart and proven questionnaires, supported by a sophisticated work process to ensure the GDPR requirements are met in your organization.

SMART Studio describes all the standard frameworks and legislation

With the help of described data flows, you can set all standard frameworks and legislation. This provides consistency, traceability and unambiguity in the relationship between privacy legislation, implementation and execution.

SMART Dashboard – Control the privacy status

With SMART Dashboard, you get a complete overview of the privacy status in your organization. The data in SMART PIA provides up-to-date insights. All entered data can be controlled at any level, even filtered by country or operational unit.

SMART Connector – Connect external applications

With this module, you can link external applications to SMART PIA. The connector is based on a RESTful interface.

What our customers say

Jan-Paul Verboom, legal counsel privacy at FrieslandCampina Corporate Centre

“The privacy management tool demonstrate your organization’s compliance, and efforts to become compliant.”

Auke de Bruin, Project lead GDPR at Wageningen University & Research

“Solvinx has enabled WUR to efficiently set up an organisation-wide Data Register according to the GDPR regulations, where specific requirements can quickly and reliably be implemented.”

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