Technical consultant

Technical consultant


Your plane is delayed. The effect of this delay is like an oil stain. Gates are occupied, you miss your connecting flight, your luggage does not reach your next plane in time, boarder control capacity must be adjusted to the exact arrival times etc. Our software is handling such changes at several airports in an innovative way as complex event processing and real-time decision-making.

The job

We are looking for a high-tech customer focused technical consultant. His or her challenge is to develop applications which automate operational changes and decisions with real-time decision-making based on business rules. That requires that the technical consultant can connect domain applications with our Rules based USoft Platform. Our platform is for the purpose of integration data streams and decision making.  You work mainly on-site with the customer. This gives a lot of room and freedom for your own ideas. Deadlines are tight and frequent. This means continuous alignment with and advising of the customer.  If you have a passion for technical consultancy and software development. If you want to join a growing international product company, then come and talk with us.

What we do

We are experts in areas including privacy, customer experience and real-time decision-making. The USoft Platform is designed and built to connect process models, business rules and non-functional requirements. We enable organisations to become smarter and more efficient in their business processes.

With this unique combination in the market, we are a growing company. We work with the latest technologies and focus on an international market. We work in teams in which new software versions are developed using the scrum methodology. Developers, architects and technical consultants all work together as a family around our products.

The technical consultant we are looking for has

  • a demonstrable college level of working and thinking, preferably in computer science and at least 2 years experience in software development and data architecture;
  • affinity with set-oriented languages (XSL/XML/SQL);
  • knowledge of and experience with Event Processing, ESB, Web Services/APIs and rules based application development and;
  • Java or C# knowledge.

Compensation benefits

We consider it important for our people to grow. USoft trains you to become an expert in USoft development. We give tailor-made training courses and we find the mutual exchange of knowledge between colleagues on the work floor a very effective and inspiring way to learn and grow. Your development is good for your career; and also our customers benefit from it.

Your salary is based on the weighting of your job, your experience and your training. Our working hours are flexible and it is possible to work on a part-time basis. We encourage knowledge migrants to respond. We are an established referent for knowledge migrants.