Tom Schellekens

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Tom Schellekens

Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

Norwegian environmental disaster risk assessment solution based on real-time sensor data collection and processing.

NVE Norway


Bring developed a Control Tower that unifies the Transport Management Systems of their business units. This creates a better understanding of the various transports.

Bring low code control tower


Custom MES solution for the manufacturing of high-quality x-ray grids and medical equipment license management.

Philips Healthcare - Azurion


Customer portal and case management solution for time savings and risk reduction in the execution of social security schemes.



Integrated solution for market data management for Farminform's information services on pharmaceutical price and usage patterns.



Reduce time and improve quality for mechanical and electric engineering projects with natural language requirements management.

ASML Cleanroom

The Netherlands Police

USoft Solvinx, privacy and security management SaaS for GDPR and industry-specfic regulatory compliance management.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Fully fledged subsidy administration platform for Dutch entrepreneurs and citizens, for 600+ regulations and 20+ years operations.

RVO (Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland)

Agilysys ResortSuite

A USoft-based ISV specialized in full-fledged integrated hospitality management software for hotels, resorts and spas.

Success story hotelmanagement software ResortSuite

Global Life Sciences Conglomerate

Fully fledged integrated solutions for large scale phenotyping and quality control processes in the agrochemical sector.