Always valuable in the Act-Now economy

The Act-Now economy is always responsive. Making the moment of now even more valuable for everyone requires continuous situational awareness and the ability to make instant and effective decisions around the clock. Be faster, be bolder, be an Act-Now organisation. Enhance your customer experience, instantly create customer loyalty.

Darwin once said: ‘It’s not the strong that survive nor the most intelligent, but those who are most responsive to change.’ The Act-Now transition is such a change. Take Spotify, Airbnb and Uber. These operating models are designed to align with consumer expectations, at every step. They symbolize the digital transformation we are in the midst of.


Next level digital transformation

In the Act-Now economy it’s all about the now. What is happening now and how can we make this moment even more convenient for everyone around us? Analytics solutions are certainly of tremendous value, but we are taking digital capabilities to the next level of responsiveness. We build powerful software, enabling you to become smarter and more efficient in your business processes at every moment of the day. Privacy, customer experience and real-time decision-making are always top of mind.

Nowadays, customers deal with problems that they want solved as quickly as possible. If you show them that you are willing and capable to do everything within your power to fulfil their expectation (and even solve potential problems before they occur), you have found yourself a loyal customer instantly. Becoming an Act-Now organisation helps you do this.


Act-Now: start flying high

Being good to your customers, is exactly what the Act-Now economy revolves around. We enable you to make the best out of customer choices, convenience and control. The big idea behind Act-Now operating systems is real-time awareness and instant actions. Are you interested in becoming an Act-Now organisation? In this video, we have set on example on how to fly high and become an Act-Now airport.

If you have any questions about Act-Now or real time decision making, please get in contact with us or call us at: +31 (0)35 699 06 99. We’re happy to help you.

Written by: Hans Canisius

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