UTalk Series with colleagues No 2: “USoft is really ahead of the game.”

The future looks bright for USoft. Business is good and growing at such a pace that we are hiring new staff. Rather than telling possible candidates what to expect from us ourselves, we prefer to let current staff do the talking. Peter Ekkelenkamp joined USoft as a Technical Consultant early 2017. Says Peter: “Processing and configuring data from a range of sources into useful information for clients is definitely my cup of tea.”


Tell us a little bit about yourself

“After graduating from the Senior Technical School in Electronics, I began working for a supplier of medical instruments for hospitals. Subsequently I worked in a hospital for a while but soon decided to study Informatics. I ended up working at Getronics and ilionx respectively where I worked as a Technical Consultant for quite some years. Since I started at USoft I have been deployed for a Dutch airport almost full-time. With thousands of passengers moving across the airport at any given time, they are always looking for ways to bring down transit times.

They provide me with data from a range of sources, including sensors across the premises. My job is to make very precise calculations based on these data, using the rules engine of the USoft platform, as well as the right configurations which are then sent to the client for assessment and capacity planning. The USoft platform is built by our own software developers. This includes Rory van Ligten who joined USoft at around the same time I did. You could say I am in the CEP business, which stand for Complex Event Processing. I am also involved in the role of consultant at the preliminary stage of investigating which data are needed.”


How can you best describe USoft?

“Within USoft we work along short lines of communication. I only have one manager to report to and I am totally at ease with that. Another thing that sets USoft apart from other companies is the fact that there is lots of room for personal initiative and freedom as to how we perform our job.”


Which projects are you currently working on?

“For the airport I already referred to, I am currently working towards disclosing data to other staff through the client’s website. Unlike some of my colleagues, I prefer to work for the same client over a longer period of time. A predictable environment works fine for me. Like many other Technical Consultants, including those at USoft, I am more of a specialist rather than a generalist.”


Any particular project that you are most proud of?

“Nothing in particular really. I simply feel lucky enough to be working for a client that has nearly the same culture as the one we have at USoft.”


What would you like to share about working at USoft?

“Working at USoft means working in an informal and even amicable environment with very accessible, positive colleagues. To further foster the feeling of being one big family, USoft organizes family days and BBQs on a regular basis. No wonder there is little turnover of staff. Looking at today’s tight labor market, USoft is really ahead of the game.”



Has our interview with Peter triggered your interest and do you see a professional future as a Technical Consultant at USoft?! Then apply now!

Need some more information first?! Call Margreet Ligthart Schenk, HR Manager, on: 06-462 121 57.

Open applications are also very welcome.

Written by: Petra Halenbeek
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