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Fully fledged solutions for large-scale phenotyping and quality control processes in the agrochemical sector.


As a manufacturer of camera systems for phenotyping, PhenoVation launched a low-code solution to support data-driven plant research. Supported by USoft’s experience in building modular software, this solution is the first of its kind in the agrochemical sector, creating a unique position for PhenoVation. Customers can take measurements faster and more objectively than ever, and the low-code application provides a major improvement in efficiency in processing crop photos. The cutting-edge combination of cameras and software enables large-scale agrochemical research.

The challenge

PhenoVation supplies cameras that make diverse types of images, achieving plant assessment far beyond the limits of human vision. To support researchers in understanding the effects of numerous factors on various plant species, the company needed a solution that could rank and analyze large volumes of sensor data in real time. The goal: for researchers to easily access their field data, quickly analyze the results, and determine the best strategy for their crop research.


Crop assessment

Automate crop image assessment & analysis

  • The highly specialized camera systems that PhenoVation supplies produce crop images of treated plants, which are then continuously assessed by plant breeders for a variety of characteristics.
  • Image-based crop assessment is time-consuming and subjective, requiring years of experience. Automating this process yields great potential for efficiency and quality of plant research.

Complex factors

Environmental conditions also need to be monitored 

  • The potential success of a specific plant variety is determined not only by the variety but also by the conditions in which a crop grows: the soil, the amount of water and light, the nutrition administered, pests, or plant diseases that are common in certain regions.
  • PhenoVation’s customers in the agrochemical sector must account for many different factors in meaningful ways.


Desire for disruptive solutions 

  • Moving forward from its early days as a start-up, PhenoVation is now flourishing and ready to take the next steps.
  • Rather than manually encoding crop photos in various documents, PhenoVation aimed to automate image processing and analysis by developing a comprehensive solution.

Why PhenoVation chose USoft

“This low-code project is groundbreaking for the industry. There is a great need for a one-key solution. USoft’s experience in the modular construction of software at a high industrial level is therefore especially useful. With our expertise, we reinforce one another. I therefore have great confidence in our cooperation and expect that we have a lot to offer this market.”

Vincent Jalink

Technical sales manager at PhenoVation

The solution

The high-tech, plug-and-play camera systems supplied by PhenoVation are easy to use and easy to integrate into large-scale automated phenotyping systems. And with the low-code phenotyping solution developed on the USoft low-code platform, PhenoVation can now offer the agrochemical sector a state-of-the-art solution for image-based phenotyping.

Troubleshooting USoft


The cooperation between USoft and PhenoVation resulted in the first low-code phenotyping solution in the agrochemical sector, used by plant growers in combination with the company’s high-tech crop imaging systems.

Automated ranking

PhenoVation’s customers can now use the images produced by the camera systems to automatically rank and analyze large numbers of crop photos in real time.

Strategic analysis

Rapid strategic analysis

Applying multiple AI pipelines to analyze the growth effects of plant treatments, results can now be analyzed quickly, supporting plant growers in determining the best strategy and supporting ongoing research.

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The results

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