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Information services on quality, stock, and assortment control in pharmaceutical wholesale and for pharmacies, hospitals, and patients.

Life sciences sector

Medicine wholesaler Pluripharm Group provides medicines and various related services to pharmacies, hospitals and patients. This high-impact sector demands excellent quality and specific safeguards to protect privacy and minimize errors. Pluripharm relies on USoft to develop and maintain customized software for its rules-intensive and data-intensive processes.

The challenge

As a medicine wholesaler supplying hundreds of pharmacies, hospitals and patients, Pluripharm handles very complex back-end processes involving a highly diverse range of products and services – demanding customized software solutions.

Bakery software

Niche market

Pluripharm operates in a niche market without standard software solutions

Due to the huge complexity of the pharmaceutical sector, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

The customized software must handle many different types of data, requiring very clear business rules to minimize errors.

Complex logistics

Wide range of products and services results in complex back-end processes

Pluripharm Group handles many different health products and types of medicines, from high-volume but low-risk incontinence supplies to refrigerated medicines with a short shelf life.

Different types of contracts with hospitals, pharmacies and patients involve varying processes and different types of data.

Complex logistics for hospitals, pharmacies and patients
GDPR securrity

Sensitive information

Privacy-sensitive health data requires meticulous safeguards

Patient health information (PHI) is subject to stringent privacy standards, so any software that processes PHI needs to have key safeguards in place.

USoft is familiar with the market and well-equipped to help Pluriform remain compliant in processing privacy-sensitive health data.

Why Pluripharm chose USoft

“USoft understands the complexity of our business better than anyone; they are curious and ask a lot of questions. As a result, they understand our business very quickly.”

Hans Stokman

ICT manager at Pluripharm Group

The solution

In a complex environment like the Pluripharm Group, customization is key. Business rules are the starting point for automation in the USoft low-code platform, supplemented by excellent features for monitoring data consistency and integrity. This enables Pluripharm to support hospitals, pharmacies and patients with high-quality information in compliance with regulations, insurer principles and contract terms. The key applications that USoft has developed for Pluripharm are:

Logo Pluricheck


A secure and compliant application that pharmacies can use to see which medicine is the best alternative, given the patient’s insurance and the pharmacist’s contract with the various suppliers. Finding alternatives is a complicated task.

Various parameters, including accurate information on combined drug usage, are used to determine whether a substitute medicine could be chosen. Hans Stokman: “Because these complex decisions include so much information that humans cannot process it, they rely on our ICT services.”

Order Receiving System

This solution is a key extension on top of the ERP system and ensures that patient data is extracted from the orders before they are imported into ERP, thus protecting privacy-sensitive patient health information (PHI). Handling up to 30,000 order intakes per day, it prevents orders for out-of-stock items and improves stock control efficiency.

Patient data is extracted
new customer portal

Customer Portal

A major upgrade resulted in a new and improved portal that gives insights into the full range of complex back-end processes and supports both business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer needs.

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The results

Success Story - Pluripharm Group - Complex data-intensive applications development with USoft low-code - Cover - EN

Whitepaper about Pluripharm

More details about the solution and an in-depth analysis of why this satisfied customer chose USoft.

Download the story

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