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Evolving modular wealth management solutions to streamline portfolio control for financial and asset managers

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IMVS is a Birmingham-based ISV providing a comprehensive suite of modular software solutions for financial asset managers. The software encompasses the entire process – from managing stock portfolios to interacting with clients. And integrates easily with many other applications to achieve automated workflows. The low-code platform offered by USoft also enables IMVS to make ongoing adjustments for compliance with financial and privacy laws and regulations.

The challenge

As a software provider for the financial sector, IMVS needs to keep its solutions compliant with constantly changing laws and regulations – with GDPR and MiFID2 as recent examples. The company needed a flexible and modern platform that would enable IMVS to evolve its solutions along with the market.

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Small development team

Agile software provider focusing on small and mid-sized financial asset managers

  • IMVS has a tremendous competitive advantage on the UK market among small and mid-sized asset managers seeking customization and personal service over faceless global providers.
  • To retain that advantage, IMVS needs to make quick adjustments in response to client needs, without requiring a “veritable army of developers”.

Legal requirements

Adapt quickly to constantly changing laws and regulations

  • The asset managers served by IMVS have to accommodate changing laws and regulations with a short time frame for implementation.
  • The software needed to support customizable compliance reporting that met all the legal requirements for IMVS and its clients.
Legal requirments Stepfourth
low-code platform


Switching platforms to a modern development environment

  • After a management buyout, IMVS decided to switch development platforms and rebuild its software from scratch.
  • IMVS wanted a low-code platform based on business rules that would support ongoing development.

Why IMVS chose USoft

“The value of our intellectual property is actually disproportionate to the number of developers we employ.”

John Motley

Director of IMVS

The solution

The comprehensive IMVS software suite for financial asset managers is built on the USoft low-code platform based on business rules, which fully meets this customer’s needs.

USoft - Brainstorming at USoft


In adapting the software to ensure MiFID2 and GDPR compliance and reporting, IMVS was able to completely update its platform within just nine months, thanks to business rules in combination with low-code.


IMVS offers out-of-the box integrations for widely used packages and digital services in the financial market, and can use USoft to develop customized APIs for non-standard software for their clients.

easy integration with Usoft low-code
Successful organizational adaptation

End-to-end digitalization

Thanks to USoft, IMVS enables its clients to streamline their entire process, including administration and compliance reporting, so they can focus on their real job: investing money effectively and efficiently.


The results

Success Story - IMVS - Low-code - USoft - Cover - EN

Whitepaper about IMVS

More details about the solution and an in-depth analysis of why this satisfied customer chose USoft.

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