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JD Edwards legacy modernization

Companies using an Oracle JD Edwards ERP will recognize the many customizations required to achieve a 100% fit with their business processes. This customization ultimately acts as a drag on business operations, with all its consequences. Our partner fizor., which has specialized in JDE projects for years, has everything you need to modernize these applications at lightning speed with the USoft low-code platform.

The standard JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1) Fizor logoERP is in many cases subject to intensive customization to make the software grow along with the needs of the business. High costs and a decrease in flexibility are the result. In practice, a disadvantage of specialist customization of the application means that you quickly become dependent on a few individuals, especially if the customization is not (properly) documented. The moment that person or persons become unavailable, an acute problem arises. An outdated ERP system is quickly the cause of missing business opportunities, especially when compared to companies that have opted for a modern ERP system. The faster you can adapt, the greater your ability to distinguish yourself in the market!

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Get more out of JD Edwards with USoft

Low-code platform USoft is specifically designed for complex customization and extensibility challenges but without the typical risks of costly customization. Your core IT landscape must always perform, be stable, future-proof and easily adapt to change. Accelerate your digital transformation with USoft. Build and manage your core business applications faster, cheaper and more flexibly than ever before.
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Best of both worlds

On the one hand, use the standard JDE ERP and, in addition, use the USoft low-code platform for specific customizations. This ensures agility and less dependence on third parties. Consider applications such as:

  • Procurement
  • Warehousing
  • Advanced Pricing
  • or Manufacturing Scheduling

The USoft platform is seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards leveraging the JDE Ochestrator. Ensuring you can store all your data in a single source. Securing your integration seamlessly aligns with future technological advancements from JD Edwards. The USoft platform can be deployed on your on-premise hardware, hosted in a public cloud, and in your private cloud container. The platform can run on Azure, AWS, OCI, or Google Cloud. This way, you extend the life of your existing ERP considerably and you can postpone the substantial investment for this.

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Unprecedented business benefits

USoft is a low-code platform designed for core operations: mission-critical, complex and unique processes.

What clients tell us

‘The people at USoft are genuinely enthusiastic about our business. There is a common drive to improve it.’

Garbis van Okburcht (Senior Manager Enabling Technologies) – Schiphol Airport

‘It is nice to have a partner like USoft on our side. They understand the complexity of our business better than anyone. They develop complex back-end software quickly, which enables us to differentiate in information services to our customers.’

Hans Stokman (ICT manager) – Pluripharm

‘Our industry peers are profoundly amazed what we have built with such a small team.’

Frank Pitsikalis (Founder) – ResortSuite


Yes, USoft is certified for international standards including ISAE 3402, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Low-code development significantly reduces the time to market of your applications. Naturally dependent on your project scope, a three month timeframe deliverd significant results.

USoft offers a cost effective alternative to heavy customizations and third party tooling. Licensing and project costs are of course dependent on your project scope. Get in touch for your offer.

USoft is fully integrable with external data sources, including open (generative) AI tooling or private AI tooling.

fizor. combines all disciplines to successfully implement the USoft platform in conjunction with your EnterpriseOne system. Our long track record is a true testament to understanding both the technical and functional side of JD Edwards. We understand how to maximize your value from EnterpriseOne, provide a clear upgrade path to future versions and extend its lifespan. We offer a platform that meets the complexity of your processes and provides a cost-effective alternative to external third-party tooling. fizor. and USoft offer the knowledge and technology that meets the demand for flexibility and scalability. This is how we help you make your company future-proof.

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