Bring selects USoft low-code platform for better insight into transportation

A Control Tower will provide central insight into all transport activities

Bring low code control tower
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Bring selects USoft low-code platform for better insight into transportation

Naarden, August 31, 2023 – Bring, an internationally operating logistics service provider, is entering into a strategic partnership with low-code supplier USoft. The partners are kicking off their collaboration with the development of a Control Tower that unifies the Transport Management Systems (TMS) of Bring’s various business units.

Central insight into all transport activities
Previously, all of Bring’s business units were working with their own TMS, which meant they had no insight into each other’s systems. This also created challenges for customers dealing with multiple business units. The Control Tower ensures that all incoming shipments are automatically routed to the correct business unit. The system linked to it, in turn, provides updates on the shipment to the Control Tower.

In this way Bring will gain central insight into all transport activities, business processes can be managed more efficiently, and customers can always switch with their trusted business unit. This first version will be delivered in January 2024 for Bring Benelux and Bring UK. These business units use the same type of TMS, but currently have no insight into each other’s data. The other business units in Scandinavia and elsewhere will follow later. In the future, a portal will also be built in which customers can see the status of their transport themselves.

Alvin van Loon, Manager Control & Business Intelligence at Bring, talks about the choice for USoft: “For the selection of a future-proof platform, Bring did not take any chances. We asked several vendors to draw up a proof of concept. In the end, USoft scored the most points here. The good scores in the areas of reliability, scalability, development speed and API capabilities were the deciding factor for Bring to choose USoft.

Hans Canisius, CEO at USoft said, “We are very pleased to be working for such a great company like Bring. The USoft platform ensures simplicity and understandability, allowing IT and business staff to set up the application together. This also makes any adjustments to processes fast and flexible. This makes business-critical systems like Bring’s not only more robust and high quality, but also much more agile. In this way, Bring ensures that all business units are aligned and the customer receives the best service possible.

About Bring

The Bring Group belongs to one of the largest logistics service providers in Scandinavia and is part of Norwegian Post. From the office in Zwijndrecht, in addition to the Scandinavian countries, services are also offered to and from Finland, England, Spain and Gibraltar. In addition, Bring offers excellent services to other European countries. Recently Bring also has its own office in Belgium. One of the specialties of the organization is the offshore industry. With its own offices throughout the Norwegian west coast and Aberdeen, Bring is located in the most important offshore areas. The office in Zwijndrecht acts as a gateway on the continent. With the Bring Frigo division, formerly Frigoscandia, the organization also offers possibilities for temperature-controlled transports to the Nordics. Within Scandinavia, the organization is the market leader in this field.

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