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PragmatiQ strengthens portfolio with USoft low-code platform

Taking digitization to the next level together.

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PragmatiQ strengthens portfolio with USoft low-code platform

Naarden, 25 July 2023 – PragmatiQ Process Improvement, better known as PragmatiQ, is expanding its product portfolio with USoft’s low-code platform. PragmatiQ is a leading no-code and low-code provider, specializing in process optimization and digital transformation within the wholesale market. The partnership with USoft ensures that low-code development can play a key role in digitalization issues.

Automation of business rules
With more than 15 years of experience within the field of digital transformation, PragmatiQ distinguishes itself by realizing innovative solutions for its clients in a short period of time.
Organizations can use USoft’s platform to build innovative and business-critical applications that exactly match the context of the organization. The rules engine, which stores the data model and business rules using natural language as a starting point, is the strength of the USoft development platform. The stable and unambiguous business rules remain intact even when processes change. The result is that business-critical systems are not only more robust and higher quality but also much more agile.

Taking digitization to the next level together
The team of developers at PragmatiQ is ready to develop on the USoft platform. They followed a multi-day training course at the low-code company and all received a certificate. PragmatiQ thus has ready knowledge of the market and USoft guarantees the continuous development of the platform. Both PragmatiQ and USoft are committed to intensive and long-term cooperation.

John van der Draai, Managing Partner at PragmatiQ: “We are looking forward to a successful partnership with USoft. Adding USoft to our range of no-code solutions is actually logical. We see that more and more companies want to modernize their core software step by step. This involves complex and business-critical core software, such as ERP, MRP, or WMS systems. These types of systems are aging, causing problems in business operations. The USoft low-code platform is ideally suited to modernize such systems. Apart from that, we find that there is a healthy cultural fit between the two organizations.

Hans Canisius, CEO at USoft: “For us, this is a very nice and important strategic step. By entering into structural partner collaborations, such as with PragmatiQ, we can increase our added value in the market. PragmatiQ also sees that organizations are increasingly focusing on the further digitization of their core processes and systems. Agility, speed, and complexity are always the biggest challenges. This is precisely where we make a big difference with USoft and PragmatiQ’s specialist knowledge and experience.”

About PragmatiQ
At PragmatiQ, we are working daily to optimize our customers’ business processes. We develop innovative and profitable applications using Rapid Application Development (RAD). With this, we realize up to 10x faster than in the case of traditional software development both enterprise applications and smaller applications that contribute directly to the profitability of our clients.
We distinguish ourselves by not only realizing innovative solutions in a short time for our clients but also by doing this together with our clients and at our clients’ sites. We also have our own Academy, where we train both clients and new colleagues in the platforms we use.

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