USoft expands its product portfolio with Solvinx

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USoft B. V., the global software provider of the privacy management tool SMART PIA is expanding its product portfolio with Solvinx. Solvinx the comprehensive solution for privacy, security and compliance and consists of the modules SMART PIA, SMART Studio, SMART Dashboard, SMART connector and SMART Services.

“We have introduced Solvinx to offer our customers a broader and more complete range of SMART services to comply with the new privacy legislation and other regulations. With Solvinx we offer a unique concept of solid services, tooling and training that is aimed at organisations to gain demonstrable control of various regulations.”, according to Albert Holl, Privacy Director at USoft.

The Solvinx platform consists of the following modules:

  • SMART PIA: for entering and managing of the Data Processing Register and to perform Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).
  • SMART Studio: for data mapping, connecting with legislation and framework criteria and describing and visualizing of dataflows.
  • SMART Connector: for access to external applications.
  • SMART Dashboard: anytime, anywhere a direct insight into the current privacy status. Where are the risks in your organization and which actions are still open?
  • SMART Services: training and extended services such as functional support for the Solvinx implementation


SMART PIA Basis for SMEs

The GDPR is applicable not only to multinationals but also SMEs who have to comply with the new privacy regulations. “Doing nothing is not an option, however to initiate large projects or purchase software is often not within their possibilities. Therefore, we offer from now on SMART PIA Basis for the SMEs. It allows them to easily set up a Data Processing Register and where necessary perform a number of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) with standard questionnaires”, says Roel Spans, General Manager at USoft.

The launch of Solvinx is accompanied by a new Dutch website: The English website is launched in Q4 of 2018.

For further information please contact:

USoft B.V.
Petra Halenbeek, Marketing Manager
Phone: 06 – 1299 4565

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