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Intergamma starts legacy modernization with USoft

Why Intergamma selects USoft to modernize legacy software. Use low-code to develop faster, with less expertise.

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Intergamma starts legacy modernization with USoft

Naarden, September 6th, 2022 – Retail franchise organization and market leader Intergamma is joining forces with low-code software provider USoft to realize far-reaching digitalization and legacy modernization. The parent company of Gamma and Karwei will start using the USoft platform to replace old IBM AS/400 custom applications.

Due to increasingly scarce knowledge, these applications are becoming more difficult to maintain and are being converted to new software. By working on legacy modernization, USoft contributes to Intergamma’s desire to have a flexible, future-proof and scalable application landscape soon. In the coming years, the cooperation will be further intensified in other areas of modernization and digitization. 

Transferring AS/400 applications to applications based on low-code and business rules

Jurre Mulder, CDO at Intergamma: “We are constantly looking at how we can stay ahead with digital solutions. Not only in the end product, but also in the way of working. Low-code developments allows us to realize technology faster and with less expertise. With USoft we make an important move towards the use of low-code as an implementation of a flexible and manageable solution for custom backend systems. The experience with USoft as a company and the outcomes of the Proof of Concept have created a lot of confidence in a successful collaboration.

The cooperation is initially aimed at replacing applications in AS/400-Cobol that cannot be fitted into Intergamma’s new ERP system. An additional challenge is the reduced availability of knowledge of the old applications in the organization. There is often business-critical knowledge locked up in these applications. A stable, future-proof solution is therefore crucial for the retailer.  

Knowledge is retrieved and secured

Intergamma became convinced of USoft’s power after the low-code specialist demonstrated with a successful Proof of Concept that it was possible to transfer part of the legacy system within two weeks. The technique USoft deploys, the Simplifier, is specifically aimed at unraveling existing code and helps organizations retrieve lots of details from legacy systems. The knowledge retrieved is then easily captured in a new solution via low-code. A major advantage of this way of working is that a lot of lost knowledge is retrieved and secured. In addition, the applications are easy to integrate with various other systems, which offers flexibility and complements the software that Intergamma already uses. The first steps in the process have been taken; the expectation is that before the end of the year all legacy applications will have been transferred.  

 Roel Spans, CCO at USoft: “The click between USoft and Intergamma was immediate. Our way of working fits well with that of Intergamma. We are both pragmatic and focused on the content. We can put an end to the legacy applications that the company suffers from. Together we are moving from complex legacy systems to accessible low-code applications.”  

About USoft

At USoft we understand that organizations desire the freedom to design their own business operations. We believe that software may never pose an obstacle and should instead clear that path. USoft offers organizations a low-code development platform for developing and redesigning business-critical systems. The intelligent, flexible low-code platform is the perfect solution for clients who want to innovate fast and adapt to the needs of the market. Our technology is engineered around the power of business rules so that your organization’s context is always at the heart of everything you do. To achieve the best result, USoft always immerses itself in the essence of the client’s business operations and has a great track record for client satisfaction and excellent service. USoft’s low-code platform is used worldwide in government, aviation, education, financial services, transportation and logistics. Explore new possibilities. 

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