ITmorrow starts strategic partnership with USoft low-code

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ITmorrow has added the low-code platform of USoft to its portfolio. ITmorrow, a Rotterdam based low-code startup, is a specialist in process optimization, application development and UX/UI development with a focus on data quality and integrity. ITmorrow is also a part of House of low-code, a knowledge platform for digital innovation. As the youngest member of this club, ITmorrow will benefit from the years of experience and shared expertise of all the agencies under this roof.

ITmorrow low-code USoft

The expansion marks the start of a strategic partnership between ITmorrow and USoft, in which ITmorrow sees opportunities to use the low-code development platform to create solutions for complex and business-critical applications of its customers. After researching the market, ITmorrow opted for USoft’s platform in order to respond to the demand for a low-code platform that can solve complex business-critical application problems in a fast and innovative way.

Organizations can use USoft’s low-code platform to build innovative and business-critical applications that exactly match the context of their organization. The rules engine, which stores data model and business rules based on natural language, represents the main strength of the USoft development platform. The stable and unambiguous business rules remain intact, even when processes change. This makes business-critical systems not only more robust and qualitatively better, but also much more nimble.

signing contract ITmorrow - USoft
Left: Ewoud Stuurman, Managing Partner at ITmorrow, Right: Hans Canisius, CEO at USoft

Building agile digital solutions together

ITmorrow focuses on increasing the value of high-quality and ethical data. USoft’s low-code platform is used in the development of operations-management software (OMS). The solutions help with the planning, monitoring, and coordinating production or service activities, digitizing day-to-day workflows, and identifying and reducing disruptions/bottlenecks in operational processes. They also provide real-time advice whenever disruptions occur.

By combining high-tech with flexible low-code, data is collected, processed, and made available in a smart, efficient, and secure manner, while the value of data is increased. Thanks to this collaboration, ITmorrow is able to apply this to more complex, mission-critical issues using USoft’s development platform.

Roland Gerritsen, Partner Development Manager at USoft: “Building up structural partner collaborations is an important strategic driver for USoft. With intensive collaborations with partners such as ITmorrow we can effectively increase USoft’s market presence. We are happy that ITmorrow chose our development platform and are confident that they will develop into a key partner. We look forward to a long-term partnership with both ITmorrow and its customers.”

Ewoud Stuurman, Managing Partner at ITmorrow: “USoft’s philosophy is a perfect match for our organization. Data has become an integral part of business processes and provides highly valuable insights. We believe that the data that has already been collected by organizations still contains a lot of value. Finally, with USoft, a low-code development platform is available to help organizations leverage that value and solve complex, business-critical problems that previously relied primarily on coding in .NET and Java.”

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