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USoft and PhenoVation provide the first real-time insight into crop research with low code

USoft and PhenoVation are providing the first real-time insight in crop research using a phenotyping database.

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USoft and PhenoVation provide the first real-time insight into crop research with low code

Low-code application supports large agrochemical players with real-time image analysis

Naarden, November 25, 2020 – PhenoVation, manufacturer of camera systems for phenotyping and USoft, low-code software supplier, have started a collaboration. Together they are creating a phenotyping database that can automatically rank and analyze large numbers of crop photos in real time. The joint project will be the first to bring a low-code database application to the agrochemical sector. Researchers will be able to use the database to quickly make result analyses and thus determine the best strategy for their crop research. The application will be ready in April 2021.

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The low-code application provides a major improvement in efficiency in the processing of crop photos. At the moment, crop photos are still manually encoded into various documents, which causes considerable delay in data analyses. The new application collects metadata from plant photos and stores them in a single database. Plant photos are automatically analyzed by the system, giving users continuous insight into the progress of crop surveys and projects. This ensures that there is a single user-friendly source of information, which is always up to date and can be consulted anywhere.

“This low-code database project is groundbreaking for the industry,” explains Vincent Jalink, technical sales manager at PhenoVation. “There is a great need for a one-key solution. USoft’s experience in the modular construction of software at a high industrial level is therefore very useful. With our expertise, we reinforce one another. I therefore have great confidence in our cooperation and expect that we have a lot to offer this market.”

“I am very happy with the cooperation with PhenoVation,” says Roel Spans, CCO at USoft. “Together we are creating a disruptive solution. With low-code, we are taking automation into a higher gear, which will enable us to work towards a good result for our customers in a short period of time. By combining our expertise with PhenoVation’s knowledge in the field of phenotyping camera systems, we are offering the agrochemical sector a state-of-the-art solution that has a direct and positive impact on their way of working.”

About PhenoVation

PhenoVation (a spin-off company of the Wageningen University) offers high tech camera systems that are used in the phenotyping of plants. The plug and play camera systems are very easy to use and easy to integrate into large-scaled automatic phenotyping systems. By using high tech camera systems, PhenoVation’s customers can take measurements faster and more objectively than was previously possible. PhenoVation’s systems measures thousands of plants a day on more than a hundred different parameters. The camera systems have been integrated in the past 10 years at various universities and multinationals worldwide. For more information, please visit

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