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The new technical features in USoft 10

USoft 10, the new version of low-code software, takes the next step in developing business-critical applications.

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The new technical features in USoft 10

With the launch of USoft 10, we are taking the next step in effortlessly developing business-critical applications.

The most important improvements and new technical features at a glance:

Integration of USoft Studio in USoft 10

USoft 10 release

In USoft 10, we have integrated Business Rules Management (BRM) even more into our low-code development platform. Business rules are the preconditions and ground rules you apply in the process you want to automate. They are formulated in the language of the business. Taking business rules as a starting point for software development brings context, business rules, and processes even closer to software development. Software developers and the business end now speak the same language, which benefits mutual cooperation and effectiveness. In addition, the use of natural language in the software also contributes to traceability. You can see where business rules have been incorporated in the platform and how different business rules are related.

Easily add AI and external components

USoft 10 has made it even easier to work with external components and extensions, such as AI algorithms or pieces of code developed in Java or .NET. This is even more important in view of the growing demand for applications to include AI, and often more specifically machine learning (ML). With USoft 10, it takes no time at all to integrate existing AI and ML algorithms into the solution you are building. This comes with a guarantee that algorithm application and results logging are a seamless part of the solution.

Easier rollout in the cloud

Version 10 makes it even easier for organizations to roll out to the cloud. For example, support for containerization and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) has been improved, even more, making it easier from a DevOps perspective to get solutions into production faster. In addition, USoft 10 lays an important foundation for the switch to cloud-native.

New authorization structure

We have completely revamped the authorization structure in USoft 10. Roles have become an integral part of the application definition. Where standard practice would be to develop an application first, and then define which roles are authorized to view and modify different types of data, it is now possible to develop applications from the perspective of those various roles. Developers are now able to configure in-depth functionality in this domain, rather than programming it into the code. This makes authorization within USoft a lot simpler while providing much more flexibility to customize the rights associated with a role.

Security: SCIM and SAML2.0

In line with this development, security and authorization functionality for Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO) is made seamlessly possible by providing support for SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) and SAML2.0 (protocol for security tokens). This makes it possible to centrally define authorization credentials, such as username, password, and rights, and automatically transfer them to the application being developed. Security assertions are defined without involving the application, which helps to secure sensitive information.

Quickly develop beautiful applications with the new GUI

The graphic user interface (GUI) in USoft 10 provides access to new solutions for quickly developing beautiful applications. The main additions are:

  • Bootstrap 4: A comprehensive toolkit to develop beautiful web pages and web applications. Full support for Bootstrap 5 is anticipated in the near future.
  • ApexCharts: An open-source library with all kinds of charts and other visualizations. It is now readily available and configurable.
  • Promises syntax: For a more compact integration that includes scripting.
  • IndexedDB with crypto: enables browser storage, thus optimizing performance even more.
  • Syslog support: protocol for registering events. USoft 10 supports event logging to central systems.

Community Platform with free trial version

To facilitate developers in connecting and exchanging knowledge, the introduction of USoft 10 is accompanied by the launch of the USoft Community Platform. This portal is aimed specifically at users of the USoft platform and at organizations that want to (further) develop business-critical applications by using low-code and business rules. The USoft Community Platform encourages knowledge sharing and community involvement in the roadmap for new USoft versions.

The Community Platform has been live since mid-April and includes product documentation, a knowledge forum, ideation, the exchange of off-the-shelf components, and the latest product updates. Coming soon: the Community Edition, a free version of the USoft 10 platform for new users to experiment with.

USoft 10 is the first result of a complete rebuild of our platform. We are constantly developing new features, which of course will also be made available to our customers immediately. With the continued development of USoft Studio, we will make it even easier in the future to generate solutions from models and in natural language. Finally, the USoft Academy is also going digital, allowing course participants to take courses and attend training sessions from home.

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